Shortcut keys to Cut & Paste files in OSX finder

Coming from Linux, Apple OSX takes some getting used to. One of the things I found lacking  in Finder, is an option to cut & paste files and folders from one directory to the other. Apple seems to want you to copy/duplicate the files over to the new directory and then remove them from the original location. One option is to drag & drop files, but that’s not always easy. Silly.

As it turns out, moving files by cut & paste IS possible in finder. It’s just a hidden feature. You have to copy the files to the pasteboard, and then instead of ‘pasting’ (Command + V), ‘move’ them using Command + Option + V.

Shortcut keys for Cut & Paste (move) files & directories in OSX:

On non-US keyboards, the key combinations to Cut & Paste (move) in OSX are:

Permanent & temporary Apache .htaccess redirect (301 & 302)

This .htaccess directive will redirect visitors to the homepage on the new site, the path gets left alone. So someone visiting will get redirected to

Permanent (301) vs Temporary (302) redirect

If you want the redirect to be temporary, you can use a 302 status code instead of 301. This has the side effect that existing pages keep their ranking in search engines better when you remove the redirect later.

Redirecting specific pages

Redirect a specific file to a subfolder

Redirect a moved/removed file to a new location:

PHP date/time based redirect (embargo)

Sometimes you want to put a (new) site live at a specific time, or redirect users to a different page after a specific date or time (e.g. on an event site, after the event has started).

You can do this using .htaccess files, but a quick and easy way is to create a file, e.g. auto-redirect.php. Then include this file at the top of your existing PHP script, for example your WordPress theme’s functions.php or just in index.php.

Include the script:
include ‘auto-redirect.php’;

Fix Wifi after suspend (Ubuntu 16.04 / ‘Device not ready’)

On Ubuntu 16.04, Wifi occasionally gets stuck after suspend on my laptop.
Running sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service fixes it.

To have this run automatically after resume, open a command line and type:
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/wifi-resume.service
Now paste the below script in there with a right click, and exit by pressing CTRL + X and press Y to save.

Now to activate the service:
sudo systemctl enable wifi-resume.service

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