Shortcut keys to Cut & Paste files in OSX finder

Coming from Linux, Apple OSX takes some getting used to. One of the things I found lacking  in Finder, is an option to cut & paste files and folders from one directory to the other. Apple seems to want you to copy/duplicate the files over to the new directory and then remove them from the original location. One option is to drag & drop files, but that’s not always easy. Silly.

As it turns out, moving files by cut & paste IS possible in finder. It’s just a hidden feature. You have to copy the files to the pasteboard, and then instead of ‘pasting’ (Command + V), ‘move’ them using Command + Option + V.

Shortcut keys for Cut & Paste (move) files & directories in OSX:

On non-US keyboards, the key combinations to Cut & Paste (move) in OSX are: